Training Events


April 2023, Barcelona (Spain)

The Multiplier Event “Challenges and discussion on Transversal Skills training in the Health Field: Learnings from ITSHEC project” was a 1-day programme to generate a space for exchange and dialogue between professionals, students and other members of the educational community of health area who wish to deepen their knowledge of transversal skills, especially critical and creative thinking, interpersonal/socio-emotional skills and learning to learn.

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March 2023, Split (Croatia)

The Multiplier Event “Strategies to develop students and professionals’ transversal skills” was 1-day programme based to prepare health and social care students for the rapidly changing landscape of health and social practice by creating innovative teaching tools and practices for transversal skills. This event opened the doors for possible implementation of created tools and future cooperation.

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March 2023, Split (Croatia)

ITSHEC’s Training activity “Capacity building on teaching-learning strategies to support students’ transversal skills development” comprised a 5-day training program offered to Healthcare and Social Sciences Teachers from Croatia, Spain and Finland. The goal was to provide teachers with both theoretical and practical methodologies to train them to guide and accompany students’ transversal skills development.

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November 2022, Helsinki (Finland)

The Multiplier Event “Changing working life and Transversal Skills” was a 1-day programme based on the changing working life from the perspective of the social and health sectors and what kind of transversal skills, such as critical and creative thinking, emotional, cooperation and interaction skills, are needed in a multidisciplinary working life.

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October 2022, Helsinki (Finland)

Virtual Reality training offered to Master’s degree and degree students in Healthcare and Social Sciences to provide students with both theoretical and practical first-hand knowledge of immersive technologies and their applications.

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July 2022, Barcelona (Spain)

The International Summer School – “Transversal skills for humanization of technology for health and social wellbeing” was a 5-day programme based on experimentation of innovative active methodologies  (PBL, simulation, collaborative learning, role-play, gamification and virtual reality). Throughout the sessions, students experimented with the methodologies which helped them to improve their transversal, English and internationalization skills and expand their network of contacts.

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