Methodological Guide to Develop Transversal Skills

The Methodological Guide entitled “Learning strategies to promote transversal skills on health and social care studies” is the first output of ITSHEC – Integration of transversal skills into health and social care, higher education, and the curriculum. It has been prepared to offer different strategies for the development of transversal skills (TS) of students (including critical and creative thinking, interpersonal/socioemotional and citizen-oriented skills, and learning to learn). With this, we hope to provide a guide for systematising innovative practices that promote the development of students’ transversal skills in higher education (HE) in general, and especially in healthcare and social care. Specifically, we believe this will offer a useful methodological guide that can help lecturers i) to plan transversal skills; ii) to integrate them into their teaching activities, and iii) to evaluate for improvement of undergraduate and postgraduate students in these skills.

The first part of the guide is a Pedagogical Framework that includes the TS dimensions as well as their gradation and levels. This section aims to support the planning of training activities that are specifically intended to work on TS. The guide includes six teaching-learning methodologies—problem-based learning, simulation, role-playing, gamification, virtual reality environments, and cooperative learning strategies—that are suitable for enhancing these skills, as well as methodological aspects to be considered when the training goal is to foster the development of student TS. This guide also brings specific content about including a gender perspective into the teaching and learning process. The guide also focuses on methods and tools for assessing transversal skills by including a methodological framework for evaluating the development of students’ TS.

ITSHEC project aims to improve the training of healthcare and social services professionals in transversal skills throughout the undergraduate and postgraduate training journey.