Escola Superior D’infermeria del Mar

The Escola Superior d’Infermeria del Mar (ESIMar Nursing School) is a higher education institution focused on Nursing, both at undergraduate and graduate university levels. Our goal is to train sensible professionals committed to people’s care and Public Health. The school is affiliated to the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, and belongs to the Parc de Salut Mar, a group of associated institutions linked to the Catalonian Public Health system.

Our academic efforts focus on research and innovation as the driving forces for a constant improvement in the field of Health. Moreover, the School offers an active learning environment that combines innovative teaching methodologies both in theory and practice, promoting technical and personal skills among the nursing professionals of the future. Being academia one of the cornerstones for the school, ground breaking research initiatives are in the core of our institucional mission, including the belonging to two cutting-edge international projects: ITSHEC and IMIM.

ESIMar will contribute with other partners with the creation of a teaching-learning toolkit, to be applied in the classroom or other educational environments. The toolkit will be designed specifically for healthcare and social care degrees and will focus on the project’s transversal skills: critical and creative thinking, interpersonal/socio-emotional and citizen-oriented skills and learning to learn. As an ITSHEC partner the School of Nursing ESIMAR will carry out all shared tasks with the other partners and will develop high standard materials.


Ariadna Graells, Head of Studies – Responsible for Teaching and Learning – Responsible for Quality

Curriculum Vitae

Eva Padrosa, Research Professor

Curriculum Vitae


Dr Luis González de Paz holds a nursing degree, a master’s degree in Science and a PhD at the University of Barcelona. He is an expert in the validation of clinical measurement instruments and clinical research methods. As a researcher, he has built, analyzed and evaluated multiple measurement instruments to apply in clinical practice and educational field. His contribution will be the analysis and evaluation of the designed instruments as well as the evaluation indicators (monitoring, results and impact).

Ana Codina is a nurse in the hospital emergency department (HED) at the Mar Hospital. She holds a master’s degree in Nursing Research and innovation. She is a lecturer in the areas of medical-surgical nursing and clinical training, and currently, she is carrying on her PhD research on the nurse-patient therapeutic relationship at the HED using a grounded theory approach.

Maria Pérez is a nurse with extensive experience in the Intensive Care Unit and a lecturer in the areas of nursing management and leadership. Her research interests are how to improve professionals’ transversal skills in an ICU setting.