The Multiplier event “Challenges and discussion on transversal skills training in the health field: Learnings from ITSHEC project” was held on April 27th, 2023 at the Campus Universitari Mar, Barcelona, Spain. All partners from Barcelona participated in this multiplier event.

Since the objective of ITSHEC project is  to improve the training of healthcare and social work professionals in terms of transversal skills, an important part of the project activities is to disseminate the project resources and results to different stakeholders.  

The Multiplier Event began with an opening from Escola Superior d’Infermeria del Mar (ESIMar)’s director and  the inaugural conference was given by Héctor Ruiz Martin, researcher and scientific disseminator in the field of cognitive psychology of learning and director of the International Science Teaching Foundation. In the context of the project, Héctor Ruiz’s presentation shed light on learning to learn skill, and on how teachers can help students develop this transversal skill.


ITSHEC’s partners from ESIMar continued with an introduction to ITSHEC project. They explained the three Transversal Skills we are working on (Critical and creative thinking, interpersonal/socio-emotional skills and learning to learn) and the products we are creating for the project, such as the Methodological Guide (with a pedagogical framework), the Toolkit, and Virtual Reality scenarios, to improve the mentioned skills. Later on, partners from Barcelona participated in a round table with a student and a teacher that had participated in our training activities and events.


ITSHEC’s partner from Immersium Studio explained to the participants how Virtual Reality is useful in transversal skills training in terms of learning impact. Participants were able to use Virtual Reality glasses to immerse themselves into the scenarios produced in the project. They were very surprised at how realistic they are, and the wide range of professional situations, especially in the health and social work sector, in which they can be used. 


Finally, participants saw a video summarizing the project and ITSHEC partners concluded the event, explaining next steps. All information and resources we have produced for the project will be available for free in our web page:



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The ITSHEC project aims to improve the training of healthcare and social services professionals in transversal skills throughout the undergraduate and postgraduate training journey. ITSHEC is co-funded by the Erasmus+ project of the European Union.


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