The Multiplier event “Strategies to develop students and professionals’ transversal skills of ITSHEC project was held on March 10, 2023 at the University of Split, School of Medicine, Split, Croatia. All partners participated in this multiplier event explaining some parts of the project and showing the importance of transversal skills in a wide range of professional situations, especially in the health and social work sector. 

ITSHEC project aims to improve the training of healthcare and social work professionals in terms of transversal skills and it is important to explain the project in different events so that people know about it and can use it when necessary. The Multiplier Event began with an opening and an introduction to ITSHEC project, focussing on the three Transversal Skills we are working on, that are Critical and creative thinking, interpersonal/socio-emotional skills and learning to learn.


Because we recognize the relevance of transversal skills in addressing the challenges of the future for healthcare and social work professionals, this project is developing practical tools to aid in acquiring and developing key competencies in different educational environments: face-to-face training, simulation and virtual learning. In the project we have three Intellectual Outputs:

  • Methodological Guide, that includes the Pedagogical framework as well as innovative teaching-learning strategies (Problem-based learning, Roleplaying, Virtual Reality environments, Cooperative learning, Simulation and Gamification) to assist lecturers in integrating these methodologies into their teaching activity, as well as evaluating the improvement of transversal skills among undergraduate and postgraduate students. 
  • Toolkit, that comprises a set of educational resources and activities to work on transversal skills
  • Virtual reality tools that are materials and educational resources to work on transversal skills



Students explained their perspective about developing transversal skills based on what they learned in the different ITSHEC project’s events they have participated in. Next a Round table and discussion between participants and partners allowed an exchange of opinions focussing on transversal skills topics and in how use and implement the outputs of the project. Finally in the Virtual Reality session, participants were able to try VR headsets and see first-hand the first two experiences (out of three) we have designed for ITSHEC project on how to improve:

  • Learning to Learn
  • Interpersonal and socio-emotional skills


The development of transversal skills in Higher Education should be a continuous, participatory, and dialogical process. We need new teaching-learning approaches to address transversal skills that require a change in the role of teachers, from being knowledge transmitters to learning facilitators, as well as proactivity from students. We believe that if lecturers employ more targeted training and assessment strategies, students will be able to achieve a higher degree of development in critical and creative thinking, interpersonal  and socioemotional skills, and learning to learn.

Working in social and health care services requires not only professional competences but also transversal skills. Current and future challenges of societies need multi- and interdisciplinary, and interprofessional approaches to adapt and solve unpredictable situations and problems. Learning outcomes are measurableKnowledge is the body of facts, principles, theories, and practices that are related to a field of work or study, Skills refer to the ability to apply knowledge and to use know-how to complete tasks and solve problems and Competence means the proven ability to use knowledge and skills, as well as personal, social, and/ or methodological abilities, in work and/or study situations and in both professional and personal development.




The ITSHEC project aims to improve the training of healthcare and social services professionals in transversal skills throughout the undergraduate and postgraduate training journey. ITSHEC is co-funded by the Erasmus+ project of the European Union.


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