The presentation ‘Transversal Skills as Support and Strengthening of Client Relations’ was given at the University of Helsinki, in Social Work Research Days 2023, on February 15–16. The theme of the days was Social Work and Diversity  ( The Metropolia team (Eija Raatikainen, Katriina Rantala-Nenonen and Niina Pietilä) gave the presentation which presented a part of a research group session, called ‘Preventable Change and Assessment of Change Processes in the Community’.


“We presented the competence descriptions that have been drawn up as an international collaboration for EQF 7 level, as part of the multidisciplinary ITSHEC project. In addition, in our presentation, we considered how transversal competence descriptions can contribute to structuring the interactive aspect of client expertise in social workers’ professional scope and multitasking, and the skills required in them. In addition, in our presentation we described the Master degree level students’ (n=23) perceptions of the subject in fall 2022 on the basis of the collected data (open e-survey).” 


According to the results, the clients’ life experiences and learning from them should be used in determining and developing the necessary services. In conclusion, professionals’ solid transversal skills can contribute to preventing inequality and promoting participation in society.




Metropolia University of Finland is one of ITSHEC’s partner institutions, and we are working together to generate more content for improving the implementation of teaching-learning strategies to work on transversal skills throughout the overall educational continuum in healthcare and social care. 





ITSHEC project – Integration of transversal skills into health and social care, higher education and the curriculum – aims to improve the training of healthcare and social services professionals in transversal skills throughout the undergraduate and postgraduate training journey.


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