On Friday January 21st the ITSHEC partners celebrated the first IO4 virtual meeting working group. The goal of this meeting was to start designing the Virtual Reality applications to foster the development of students’ transversal skills in the field of healthcare and social care.


Luis Villarejo (from Immersium Studio) presented the Immersive Technology applied to HE and explained the full range of possibilities that immersive experiences allow. Examples of VR training through interactive 3D 360º video were explained to the partners so we all had a common starting point. Immersive learning experiences face the user with realistic situations in which he/she goes through different decision making points. These decisions determine how the learning experience develops and the user receives personalized feedback on his/her actions which are registered for further analysis and debriefing. The user is able to meet and interact with different characters who develop different roles inside the experience.


Later together we brainstormed on the learning situations we will be using to build Virtual Reality scenarios on. We took as reference a preliminary table described in the Pedagogical Framework (developed by Eija Raatikainen and Katriina Rantala-Nenonen) with different dimensions for each transversal skill (Interpersonal & Socio emotional, Learning to Learn and Critical & Creative Thinking). We used a Jamboard (Collaborative Digital Whiteboard) to brainstorm everyone’s ideas, with three interactive boards. It was a very exciting session where a lot of interesting ideas arose. 


Example of Collaborative Digital Whiteboard











Collaborative Digital Whiteboard example



Next steps are summarizing all the information obtained and preparing a first draft of each chosen scenario. Finally, through collaborative sessions we will define all the scenes to create an Immersive Experience that allows the user to explore the different dimensions of each transversal skill.



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