Today we are very happy to share with you ITSHEC’s presentation video. In this video, partners and principal investigators of ITSHEC explain the main goals of the project, that is to design, pilot, implement and evaluate teaching-learning strategies for undergraduate and postgraduate healthcare and social services professionals in order to improve the training in transversal skills.

The ITSHEC project has been created to cover the lack of work regarding three fundamental transversal skills in health care professionals: critical and creative thinking, interpersonal and socio-emotional skills, and learning to learn. Innovative educational strategies, such as Virtual Reality, are going to be used to develop these transversal skills. Also a Methodological guide, with the most appropriate and innovative teaching-learning strategies to support the development of transversal skills, and a Tool Kit, with educational resources to work on transversal skills, are going to be implemented. 

We firmly believe that improving students’ Transversal Skills not only enables them to become better professionals but also creates a more united community, strengthening and humanizing the doctor-patient relationship.


¡Press play and get to know the project!


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