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In the  ITSHEC project, cooperation and co-creation with the stakeholders involved is elementary. This commitment to involve all stakeholders is strategic as it allows citizens to play an active role in democracy and foster the development of flexible learning pathways in line with learners’ needs and objectives, and the needs of other social groups (patients and professionals).

In order to achieve this collaborative process, all partners have conducted focus groups with more than 30 students from different areas of healthcare and social care studies (medicine, nursing, dental medicine, human biology, social sciences, social work, etc) and also from different european countries. The Esimar Nurse School of Barcelona, the Metropolia University of Finland  and the Split University of Croatia are carrying one focus group each, and the Pompeu Fabra University is preparing two different focus groups. This activity is part of the first Intellectual Output (IO1) of ITSHEC project: a Methodological Guide that will gather teaching-learning strategies for the development of students’ transversal skills (TS), specifically critical and creative thinking, interpersonal/socioemotional and citizen-oriented skills and learning to learn.

The main objective of the focus groups with students is to explore their engagement and preferential teaching-learning approaches, so as to adapt and optimize the educational content and methodologies. 

We aim to develop the set of educational resources collaboratively, in an intersectional and interdisciplinary way, also incorporating a gender mainstreaming approach. In addition, the educational materials will include a variety of formats to ensure that they are adapted to different styles and learning needs and differences in geographical and temporal accessibility.

For students, the expected impact is linked to the enabling of teaching staff or lecturers. If lecturers employ more appropriate training and assessment strategies that are completely adapted to students’ needs, it is assumed that students could achieve a higher degree of development in critical thinking, interpersonal skills and learning to learn.

ITSHEC continues to advance steadily. We are almost at the end of Intellectual Output 1, and the team begins to prepare the tasks for the next Intellectual Output. We will soon publish the Methodological Guide and we will share the results of the focus groups with students.

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